Finding a handyman to provide construction and maintenance services can be a challenge in homes and offices.

Dwumapa is a modern digital platform where every service you need is in the palm of your hands. The user of this digital platform can just click and get every service the user needs. The platform is accessible via a website and a mobile app (Apple and Android) on all deivces. tablet, phone, laptop and PC.

A handyman (Dwumapa) performs a range of maintenance duties for homeowners and businesses, either as a contract worker or member of the maintenance department.

Their duties include fixing plumbing systems, providing repair guidance, painting, gardening, cleaning, remodeling community spaces and performing repair assessments.

Finding decent, safe accommodation in Ghana is a major problem.

Wobisa is an online marketplace for travel booking, vacation rentals and tourism experiences. The platform also provides a convenient means for house rentals for Ghanaians and permanent residents in Ghana.

The platform has a built in search engine for all basic amenities that will make one’s stay a comfortable one.

Access to ready market and real time data for most Ghanaian farmers is a challenge.

Okuanipa is a platform that provides farmers access to ready market in a form of an ecommerce application solely for farm produce. We also assist farmers with real-time data analysis on weather patterns, soil quality and changing insect behaviors.

With this data, farmers can make an informed decision on when, where and how to plant crops for better yield.